Maycation Day 1: Easing Into Leisure

by pjmcbride

2nd shift, please be gentle with Nick. He’s been made jittery by my absence, because that’s the way addiction works. Don’t worry, Nick, I’ll be back before you’ve had time to develop healthier habits.

In case you were wondering, throwing rocks at cops is never a good idea.

The illustration is the super-cool Milwaukee art museum. (I was born in Milwaukee.) That roof thing actually opens and closes–I have pictures of the process on my phone, but my phone-transfer-thingy-to-Facebook is in a perpetual state of fail, so you’ll have to ask in person if you want to see them.

It’s my birthday eve. (Well, technically, it is my birthday now, but I was actually born at 7:25AM–and I haven’t wanted to be awake at that time of day since.) Feel free to kidnap me and make me drink beer, leave presents on my porch (I prefer items that are not on fire), etc.–you know, the usual. Lisa, I see you were the first to leave a birthday note on Facebook–competitive as always. And your birthday would be, when…? (No, I can’t just say thank you like a normal person.)

Milwaukee Art Museum, Burke brise soleil above...

Milwaukee Art Museum, Burke brise soleil above the Quadracci Pavilion, version 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)