Genius Has Side Effects

by pjmcbride

–I saw that on a bus stop bench, and I plan on using it as an excuse regularly, so get used to it.

Sign at Hooters (yes, I went to the East Side–how unheard-of): Kids Eat Free on Saturdays! Yes, Baby Daddies, when you have weekend visitation, take the kids to Hooters! How about for Baby Daddy Day? You know, it’s like Father’s Day, but with cheaper gifts.

Is the East Side Grandy’s really gone, or was I just unable to find it? On the positive side, once safely inside Eastland Mall, I was able to have a cone of my favorite ice cream ever, Edy’s Double Chocolate Chunk. Chocolate ice cream with a fudge ribbon and brownie chunks! Could there be anything better?

Some day I’ll go to the mall and actually ride on the merry-go-round. On the black horse! I’m not the first person to come up with this theory, but you know why teenage girls are obsessed with horses? Because horseback riding involves controlling an animal that’s bigger and stronger than you are with your thighs. Think about it.

Speaking of men, on the way home last night, a guy asked me where I was going. I said, “Home,” and he said, “You have a home?” He actually said it with italics. I must have looked homeless.

Nick is considering my offer to make him my evil henchman. I expected him to scornfully and self-righteously refuse. Instead, he’s using it as a bargaining tool to attempt to obtain better treatment.  We will see where this leads. I predict he will string me along and make me jump through hoops, and then refuse anyway, but we’ll see.

Yes, this was a post about nothing in particular, but the next one is going to be called Me & Crazy People, and you can see how that one might run long.

English: Edy's Ice Cream delivery truck, Ann A...

English: Edy’s Ice Cream delivery truck, Ann Arbor, Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)