It’s Good To Have Fans

by pjmcbride

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment (Photo credit: Blue Square Thing)

In case you haven’t noticed, the automatic linking of new posts with Facebook is broken, or expired, or something. This puts me in the position of having to write my own advertising for this thing, and frankly, my charm doesn’t stretch that far. So I’m sorry if anyone feels nagged as a result.

Theater of Cruelty update: Nick saw me sitting outside the Hilltop and hit his siren to make me jump (I didn’t), and was then dismayed to discover that I was his dispatcher for the evening. So…a few seconds of amusement vs. eight hours of apprehension? Seems like faulty risk assessment to me. Especially since I didn’t even jump.

Crisis in Progress update: One of our major highways (I forget which–64? 164? Does it matter? And couldn’t they have made the numbers less confusingly similar?) was imperiled by a board lying in the road. And the caller thought it might have a nail in it! It reminded me of a Simpsons episode where the aliens say, “The humans have a board with a nail in it! But we’ll come back with a bigger board with a nail in it!” One hopes our officer was up-to-date on his tetanus shots. I believe they get that at the same time as their rabies vaccination.

Stab From the Past update: Some people had their tawdry custody dispute at the site where Rom and I got married, by the back fountain at the Civic Center. How dare they? There was a decorative fountain there back in 1987, unlike that weird dystopian-looking thing they have there now.

OK, I’m all written out for now. But I still have to come up with something clever to make all my Facebook friends come over here. As Stephen Colbert would say, Sigh.