Free Content, Boneless Chicken, and Scratchy Glitter International

by pjmcbride

The above is obviously the work of a person who can’t decide on a title. What the hell, just use ’em all.

Let us observe a moment of silence for Nick, a very bad boy who got a very late run. I love it when a plan comes together.

****Write fast, the lightning’s starting.***

Now give yourselves a round of applause for being the best FanBase a person could have. I continue to be stunned and humbled by your accolades. And they always seem to come when reassurance is most needed. As you might recall, my first job was writing. Even at 16, I knew it was a hard

Fried chicken with french fries

Fried chicken with french fries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

field to break into. But when the going got tough, the tough gave up. Now I feel like I’ve been asleep for 40 years, and woke up in the world of Free Content, where everybody can get published but nobody gets paid.

Enough. Onward and downward. The important news is the coming of boneless chicken to KFC (skinless, too–better yet)! It’s been a long time coming, because it’s not easy to raise those boneless chickens. They just lie around bonelessly in their coops, and you have to shovel them aside to clean around them. Luckily, they can’t fly away, because when they flap their wings, the wings just flop like tentacles. Some of  those chickens can slither pretty quickly, though. (No, I am not on drugs. Why do you ask?)

***The wind appears to be coming from everywhere at once. This is unsettling.***

WordPress informs me that this blog has been looked at by one person from Australia. I wonder what they made of it. Welcome to America! Our chickens don’t have bones!

Speaking of fried chicken, I ate some for lunch at the Hilltop today {successful segue! Yes!!}, and about 10 guys got up from the table behind me and filed out, and they were hard-bodied and mean-looking and for the most part bald, and I realized I recognized some of those T-shirts, and I definitely recognized the handcuffs on their belts. Yes, I was sharing the restaurant with a Joint Task Force, and I didn’t even know it. They must have been in stealth mode. There was not a smile in the bunch. If they came to my door, I wouldn’t give them any trouble. Not that I ordinarily give police officers trouble, you understand.

I am going to stop now, before I get electrocuted by this storm. If I do get electrocuted, I bequeath this blog and all the benefits thereof to Lisa. Nick, forgive me for that late run. No, not really. I die unrepentant.