by pjmcbride

PE - Bus Dispatcher MTA_1041

PE – Bus Dispatcher MTA_1041 (Photo credit: Metro Transportation Library and Archive)

I remembered! I remembered!

You know what would be great for those long un-busy stretches when nothing’s happening at the 911 center? A tattoo artist! I personally only have my left forearm tattooed at the moment (I always have to add that I got it in the early 80’s, before it was fashionable), so think of the possibilities! I could even have a contest here, where you could suggest and vote on what and where my additions should be! Let’s do it for Telecommunicators Week, what do you say? Hey, isn’t that any day now? I never know, since my Holy Week vacation often comes up in April. You might be asking, “But what if someone calls while we’re getting tattooed?”, but I have confidence in our ability to remain even-voiced while someone is hurting us. We do it every day.

My other suggestions for TC Week (and I know I’m not the only one in here to dislike being called a Telecommunicator, although I’m not sure quite why I dislike it), since they ask us for suggestions every year, are:

–Massage therapy! Maybe even done by officers, for that extra-decadent touch. Or any kind of therapy, really. How about drug therapy?

–Or just alcohol. Seriously.

You all got 2 posts tonight for the price of one! Are you indulged and spoiled, or what? And I am using too many exclamation points, which means I need to stop writing and calm down.