Holy Week: Good Friday

by pjmcbride

English: A TETRA radio unit as well as an olde...

English: A TETRA radio unit as well as an older radio unit in a Swedish (Saab) police car Svenska: En RAKEL-enhet i en svensk polisbil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…and I still smell like incense from today’s service.

This afternoon, Rom said, “Your boys are outside,” and sure enough, there were 2 police cars outside my house, and some helpless soul they’d pulled over. (And the Helpless Soul deserved to be pulled over, for having a rusted-out car. Don’t you buy no ugly car!) Claremont & Dreier is a popular intersection for officers, and I’ve lost track of how many traffic stops/wrecks I’ve seen here. But the interesting thing about this one is that it featured Nefarious Nick, who was pointing out my house to another officer! So now he’s enlisted help for, well, who knows what evil lurks in the mind of him. And then he started pointing at me in the window! Yes, I’ve got a cop looking in my windows. And I promise you, I’ve never looked in his. So I went outside (not with my hands up, either), and he promptly said, “This isn’t a spectator sport!,” which I took as an indication that I’d be arrested if I didn’t go back in, which I did. The End.