Holy Week: Maundy Thursday

by pjmcbride

…from the Latin mandatum, “commandment,” because in today’s Gospel we are given the commandment to love one another. When this is difficult, and it so often is, I think about what C.S. Lewis said: Loving your neighbor as yourself doesn’t mean you always have to like them. After all, do you always like yourself? I know I don’t always like the person I see in the mirror. She can be a selfish, indolent bitch. (Hey, I should have had that written on that halter top!) But I wish the best for myself, and I can usually manage to wish the best for other people, too. OK, I can after I take a deep breath and count to ten. Or 20.

If I may descend from the sublime to the abyss with breakneck speed, the other thing on my mind at the moment is my current least favorite ad campaign, for some brand of toilet paper (see, Toilet Paper Company, you couldn’t even make me remember the name of your product–TAKE THAT!): “Enjoy the Go!” Which is worse, the abuse of the English language–“GO” IS NOT A NOUN, OK??, or the idea that the right toilet paper, excuse me, “bathroom tissue” (just checked my own package of Quilted Northern to get the right technical term) can make a trip to the toilet positively enjoyable.

I’m sorry this post ended up in the toilet. And I bet you’re sorry that I ever discovered the italic and caps-lock keys.

bobby toilet paper demon cat

bobby toilet paper demon cat (Photo credit: jacob earl)