Holy Week: Spy Wednesday

by pjmcbride

English: R.E.M. live in Naples, Carpisa Neapol...

English: R.E.M. live in Naples, Carpisa Neapolis Festival, July 23 ’08 Italiano: R.E.M. in concerto a Napoli, al Carpisa Neapolis Festival, il 23 luglio ’08 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was traditionally considered the day that Judas spied on Jesus, to figure out the best place and time for the Dirty Deed, Done Dirt Cheap. I myself did no spying today, since my stalkee had the day off. (We work the same days, isn’t that special?) I did, however, commemorate the day by wearing gray and black, to skulk and lurk more effectively, should the opportunity arise. Not that he would hang out at Thornton’s on his day off in case I came in. That would be just too twisted.

Speaking of fashion–and opportunity–I’m wondering, what would be a good outfit for the Grim Reapers party? I actually used to be into biker chic, in my old proto-Goth days. I had a black T-shirt saying “Sworn to Fun, Faithful to None,” which is easy to say when you’re romantically involved with, well, none. And, of course, my halter top with glitter lettering saying “Sexy Bitch.” Would I lie to you? I would not. I actually owned that item, and wore it regularly. Got it half right, one might say. And I probably still have my skull and spider rings somewhere at the bottom of my jewelry box. The latter has an actual dead spider in it, entombed in Lucite! (I should give that one to Lisa.) The other one does not, however, have a real skull.

But what do I own now that I could wear? Skull T-shirt? I’m thinking the black one rather than the orange. Probably not the pink “Stewart/Colbert for 2012” T-shirt, or the R.E.M. “Everybody Hurts” one. (By the way, I firmly maintain the ticket should be Stewart/Colbert, not Colbert/Stewart. Stephen’s just too crazy.) Of course, when I return to the Reapers’ website to ask when this party is occurring, I’ll also ask how to join. Oh, by a ceremony known as Pulling the Train? Sounds like fun!

Hey, this is an adequate post, considering I only recycled yesterday’s topics! Hope the Reapers don’t find out about Scratchy Glitter. Publish or perish? How about publish and perish?