Holy Week: Chrism Tuesday

by pjmcbride

It’s the day that holy oils are traditionally blessed in the Church, which does not require my involvement.

Forgot to mention in yesterday’s Theater of Cruelty installment–I’d told Nick once that if I ever saw him out on patrol, I’d give him the finger and shock the populace. Well, I didn’t do that yesterday, since I wouldn’t hurt his feelings for the world. But I did say, “Hey, hold the door,” which might have caught the attention of the easily scandalized. But Nick’s a well-trained beast who knows his master’s voice, so he complied. I should have made him pay for my drink as well, but I’d already bought it. After all, I plan to buy a Thornton’s drink with the dollar he will soon owe me.

I hesitate to use the expression “I couldn’t make this stuff up,” since it seems to cast doubt on my creative abilities. So let’s just say this sounds like something I would make up, but it’s real:

Grim reaper crossed out with red X

Grim reaper crossed out with red X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are handbills posted on Franklin Street that say “Help us celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Grim Reapers at 807 W. Indiana Street! 2pm until ??? {until Hell freezes over, I’m guessing} Games! Fun! Prizes!” Yes, you read that right. They have their scary Grim Reaper illustration and everything, but it reads like they’re advertising a church social. “Sounds like fun!” I thought. “I wonder if the police department knows about this? I’m sure they’d like to go, and bring their friends!” I looked for the date, and guess what–there wasn’t one. Maybe they figure those who should know, will know, but in that case, why put out fliers? I told Rom about this and he said, jokingly, “You should go to the Grim Reapers MC website and check–oh no, I bet they really have one.” I checked, and THEY DO. It says, “We are dedicated to the Grim Reaper lifestyle.” And, “Do NOT ask how to join.” Curses, foiled again.