World Leader Pretend: I Control the Weather and Tell Cops What to Do

by pjmcbride

I will accept, albeit unwillingly, snow in March. However, I will not accept it after the vernal equinox. Snow on Palm Sunday? Whose idea was this?

Someone called tonight and said, “The people down the street are clownin’ and actin’ a fool!” Yes! They were doing both!

Note to officers on the radio: When I say “Stand by,” it does not mean, “Go ahead with your traffic, extra-fast.”

— If you have to give me a lengthy bunch of information, do not speed up as you go along.

–If you do one of those things, and I ask you to repeat, do not do it extra-slow, as if I’m mentally-challenged.

OK, in the interest of fairness and equity, is there anything I/we do that is annoying to officers? Hmm?


Sunday (Photo credit: ex.libris)