Explanations, Excuses, and Threats

by pjmcbride

Assorted orders of business:

I was asked where the blog’s name came from. I was opening the envelope of a Christmas card last year, and the card had scratchy glitter on it, and a bunch of it rubbed off on me, and I thought, I hate this stuff. Then I thought, Scratchy Glitter would be a cool name! Couple that with the fact that the other contenders were already other people’s blog titles–Crisis in Progress was taken, Running with Scissors was taken, even Sad Creature, which is something the Infamous Nick called me once, clever beast that he is.

In related news, I have a logo now! It is super-cool, created by the design team of Kurt & Lori (doesn’t that sound like a design team?). I’ll attach it here, if I can figure out how to do so, which is by no means assured. Kurt came up with the basic idea, and Lori suggested “glitterizing” it.

You may recall that I promised (well, I didn’t promise, exactly) to review our training material on Public Safety Personalities. I thought flippantly, one of these Personalities is probably troublemakers who have a blog. Well, it turned out to be one of those How to Deal with Difficult People articles. I was all set to make trouble (have blog, will disparage), until I found out one of the Difficult categories was, well, me. It was eerie. So now I know how people will be attempting to deal with me, and I AM ON TO YOU. It’s like when I was a kid and would read articles about raising children in my mother’s magazines, so I could learn her tricks. (Paranoia begins early.) And I know one of my supervisors follows this blog. (Hey Kurt, hope your phone doesn’t wake you up–again–when I post this!) (Seriously, if this is a problem for anyone, I can write these at my usual ungodly hour and then delay when they’re actually posted.)

OK, enough self-centered raving for now. I turn instead to the Infamous Nick, with whom I have a mutual stalking relationship (which is the only kind of stalking worth having, right?). I am city dispatch on St Patrick’s Day for the first time since he came home, so let’s see if I can turn him green. Are you sweaty or changing color? Having difficulty speaking between breaths?

Next time: what it’s like to work at an alarm service. Unless something more topical catches my attention. logo