Crisis in Progress: Not Serious Journalism

by pjmcbride

02.24.12-Blowing Snow

02.24.12-Blowing Snow (Photo credit: kristinefull)

It was blowing snow and rain, and I had to walk more than a mile to work. So I arrived at work a sodden wreck, predisposed toward the sort of behavior I’ll have to mention in confession tomorrow. Dry it up? I wish.

Assorted highlights (or sordid highlights, whichever you prefer):

–A big WELCOME BACK!  to Darling Nicky (not to be confused with Tragically-Hip Nikki), who is finished playing with helicopters and is now playing cop once again.

–Someone called to report “a strong smell of pneumonia” coming from a residence.

–This month’s training material deals with “Dispatch Center Personalities” and “Morale.” I can hardly wait to dig into those, and I may review them here when I’ve done so. Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach; those who can’t even teach, write reviews.

–Just because I write “giving the finger” on a run card doesn’t mean you have to read it that way on the air, but please feel free to do so. (Refer back to the sort of behavior I was predisposed to, paragraph 1.)

–Oh, and we had a homicide. Since this is Not Serious Journalism, I will just mention in passing that, thanks to a witness who actually cooperated with the officers, both suspects were quickly caught.