FanBase Follies/Crisis in Progress/Mildly Amusing Adventures TRIFECTA

by pjmcbride

Nail polishes

Nail polishes (Photo credit: The Style PA)

First off, I again thank my wondrous FanBase. The reviews I’ve received have been truly touching, including one which asked why am I not a columnist at a major newspaper? Well, WHY NOT? Everybody get busy and write letters to the editor of the Courier and Press on my behalf. Anyway, I just can’t thank you enough, so I’ll stop.

Speaking of which, I was amused to see, at Walgreen’s, a collection of nail polish shades called “Almost Famous.” Appropriately, they were glittery, and looked very scratchy indeed.

You know your husband is scary-looking when a young great-nephew tells his mother, “I talked to Uncle Rommie, and he didn’t even try to kill me!”

Well, enough about me. It’s time to talk about YOU. Specifically, the one of You who pronounced “Moutoux Park” with the X. On the air. OK, Crisis in Progress contingent–what was the funniest/most embarrassing thing you’ve ever said on the radio? Mine would have to be the time Deputy J.J. was being particularly high-maintenance. He called me yet again, and I said, “What does J.J. need now?” Probably complete with Heavy Sigh. I realized I’d still been on the air when Deputy D.D. called on the phone and said, “What does J.J. need now?” There was also the time when I dispatched a medic run and said, “the patient is crabby,” when I meant “clammy.” Crab, clam, whatever. OK, I’m going on about me again. (Well, you were warned.) So everybody else ‘fess up–or feel free to tattle on somebody else. One of the greatest unknown moments in Dispatch was when a K9 officer came out with his partner. The dog zeroed in on Lisa, who was bent over the microphone reading back a registration on the air, and he jumped up and enthusiastically started humping her, while she was still on the radio. She didn’t miss a beat, either (so to speak). The officers never suspected a thing.

Thought for the Day: I cannot recommend getting Head and Shoulders shampoo in your eyes.