What Are You Doing Here?

by pjmcbride

Hello, all. Welcome to this new enterprise. And special thanks to my FaceBook FanBase, who nagged, I mean encouraged, me to start a blog and stop clogging up Facebook.

For those unfamiliar, I work at a 911 center, and this thing actually started back in 1990 as emails sent to select co-workers during a stressful time of transition. (I like to say I invented the blog, but no one seems to believe me.) When I joined Facebook last year, I started posting again and was praised by many (well, relatively speaking–I don’t know very many people in the first place). These people emboldened me to proceed with the current offering, so you can just blame them, if you can find them and hunt them down.

They say you need a theme for your blog. Well, my theme is…myself. I’m sorry, but it has to be this way. The thing to blame this time is the Internet, for making it possible for a cult of personality to develop around a person with no charisma. In other words (momentarily shaking myself free of delusions of grandeur), if you give me a keyboard, I can communicate like a normal person.

Scratchy Glitter Subcategories:

–Crisis in Progress–work-related stuff

–Mildly Amusing Adventures–stuff I notice while out and about as a pedestrian

–World Leader Pretend, a/k/a If I Ruled the World–self-explanatory

–Rumor Central Sez–stuff I overhear, or in some cases make up

–Let’s Get Serious–occasional attempts to deal with serious topics. Believe me, I keep these to a minimum.

Yes, this blog will be self-centered (but aren’t they all, by definition?), but I hope to entertain and at least mildly amuse. Sorry if I sound awkward, but I feel like I’m introducing myself to a roomful of people, without the option of hiding under the furniture. I hope my FanBase friends all make it over here safely. Hey, guys! Tell everyone you know that they can read this stuff now without joining Facebook! And I’m looking forward to reaching more people in the future. Just don’t make any sudden moves or you’ll frighten me.